Sunday, November 22, 2009


we woke up early and drove about 2 1/2 hours to chichen itza. totally worth it. one of the wonders of the world, which apparently doesnt mean much because if you google "7 wonders of the world", there are like 900 bazillion different wonders of the world lists. lots of crazy architecture, beheading murals and nutty vendors. next we drove to the town of Valladolid, which was a colonial town. Such an amazing little town, we had the best lunch at El meson de Marques in the outdoor courtyard. I had this crazy mayan chicken stew with raisins and Chris had a smorgasbord of burritos, enchiladas, and tacos. and they made table side guacamole! drove the long drive home, came back to the hotel and tried the french restaurant which was NOT my favorite. AND it was filled with french people which was totally weird to me. who comes from france to mexico to eat mediocre french resort food?? so confusing. another exciting day, but ready for some total laziness tomorrow. xoxox, amanda+chris

Saturday, November 21, 2009


woke up ready for a day at the resort. at the pool we enjoyed the sun with some micheladas, a margarita and amanda had a white russian. there were various snacks brought through by friendly mexican staff decked out in full chef outfits. laid off the booze in the afternoon...why? well, we had our 50 minute massage at 4, and didn't want to take pee breaks during. massages were good...could've been more on the rough deep tissue side, but the dinging bells and speial smells made it relaxing. siestas followed, and then we were treated to a beachfront "romantic" dinner. best parts were the steak and torches that inspired a dozen LOST jokes. still having lots of fun!

muy romantico!

muy muy romantico!

muy michealdas!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

some more pictures from 11.18.09

horchata agua frescas!!

the wave that totally drenched me.


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lots of adventures today...rented the car and drove to tulum. saw the ruins, jumped in the water, got splashed a lot by big waves. then drove to this place hidden worlds cenote park. had originally just signed up for snorkeling trip but somehow ended up in a chastity belt contraption ziplining through the jungle and rappelling into a cave. the most dangerous part was when i (amanda) tripped on a giant rock and fell down, caught my butt harness on even bigger rock and was unable to get up. lots of laughs there. then we snorkeled this awesome cenote where they filmed some imax movie and part of planet earth. check out the following photographic evidence of our exciting day....xoxo, amanda+chris

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

and your daily dose of dee....


what we planned for today:
0800 tennis clinic
1400 tequila tasting
1500 dance lessons
1630 archery class

what we really did today:
champagne breakfast in bed
laid by pool on chairs
laid in pool on rafts
ate snacks and popsicles by pool
drank micheladas and fruity rum drinks in and around pool
ate chocolate cake from room service
napped more
had yummy italian dinner (arugula, cured duck and melon, risotto, olive crusted grouper, panna cotta and "evolutionary" tiramisu)

all in all, this place rules. tomorrow: adventure time! tulum and cenote snorkeling bound.
xoxo, amanda+ chris


so, woke up this morning at 4am to fly tampa-miami-cancun. no problems there, slept like babies the whole way. arrived in cancun and took out shuttle about 45 minutes south to our fancy pants resort secrets maroma beach. we were whisked away to VIP check in (ha!) and immediately handed champers and snacks. our room wasn't ready (not so VIP-feeling but we didn't care) so we ventured to the seaside grill for lunch. our waiter freddy was sweet and gave us the immediate impression that this hotel hires good people. he gave us little spanish quizzes and lessons. but the best parts - amanda's first michelada (of many!) and then the food.... we had tilapia ceviche, calamari the size of onion rings and fish tacos! we lounged by the pool, napped and drank dirty bananas made with REAL bananas.

ate dinner at this japanese place (no better place for japanese food than mexico, right?) super fun, insane hibachi chef whose only english phrase was "1,2,3, SHOWTIME!" Sat with a LOVELY jersey couple consisting of a wanna be Tony Soprano meets Ronald Reagen and his wife who beared an uncanny resemblance to Dee Snyder. Highlights included her interrogating amanda about swine flu and also learning that "if you want to get anywhere in life, you have to complain a lot!" words of wisdom from the mouth of twisted sister herself.

(note dee on the left there.)

xoxoxo and more later, amanda+chris